Important information

Changes to international mail

Due to a combination of the effects of Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic and changes to the automation mailing process, mail providers are experiencing major changes in the world of international mail including the way your mail is processed, sorted, transported and delivered.

To minimise the impact of these changes on your mailings, here at CFH we are working closely with our postal partners and the mailing industry to limit the impacts of any foreseeable issues and to avoid rapid price increases where at all possible by becoming familiar with the most recent rules and requirements for international mail. These changes are applicable for the use of our hybrid mail service Docmail, managed communication solution and lithographic printing service.

What we need from you

In order for you and your customers to avoid late delivery or even non-delivery for international mail only, we ask that you always include the name of the country on the last line of the mailing address and nothing else.

Furthermore, the country should always be written in English and not abbreviated.

We need this to ensure your mail is delivered to the right address, to minimise delays and to keep the postal price down for you. (Note: This is from the Universal Postal Union Addressing and Postal Manual and affirmed by the Royal Mail’s own guidance on the matter: International Business Mail Services User Guide.)

What happens if there is no country listed in the address?

If the name of the country is missing from the address, illegible or not in the correct position, we will still do our best to send it. However, the risk of a delay or non-delivery is much higher as we are unable to verify addresses against the PAF database.

The reason we need the country listed

As you will appreciate, the data you send through cannot be altered by us as Data Processors. What’s more, there are multiple destinations which more or less share the same address whilst being in different countries.

As an example, there are no less than 15 places called Birmingham in the world!

We just want to make sure your mailings get to their intended recipients and including the country provides us with the best address resource to do just that.

Get in contact with us!

If you have any questions about the upcoming changes and how they will affect your mailings, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team at or via telephone on 01761 409701 or if you have an account manager, please reach out to them directly.